Wreath Ideas

Wreath Ideas

Making a professional looking wreath can be very simple. You can buy a wreath from the craft store or make your own using a cardboard or foam. Also, you should consider to buy ribbon that is about two inch thick.

A simple wreath can consist of you wrapping your ribbon throughout your wreath, adding a bow at the top alongside with some ornaments. To make your bow, you can use your leftover ribbon and cut half an inch of ribbon. Take the rest of the ribbon and fold it into three equal parts. Use the half an inch ribbon to secure the center before using hot glue to glue it to the wreath. To ensure a professional looking holiday wreath that is more advanced, the key is to personalize.

One can decide to use two different ribbons and make various patterns on the wreath. Also, one can add various sizes of color coordinating ornaments on the wreath. Best of all, one should add flowers that describes one’s personality on the wreath. With these  ideas, it will create a diverse and professional looking holiday wreath.

Below is a video on two different types of wreaths.

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