Why is it so difficult to catch or throw a bouquet? + 5 Tips

No matter what your reasons are..it all comes down to this: fear

For the bride:

Fear of throwing too far

Fear of throwing too near

Fear of hitting someone with it

Fear that no one will catch it

Fear of not having the perfect throw


For the girl or group of girls waiting to catch the bouquet:

Fear of catching the bouquet

Fear of not catching the bouquet

Fear that others will push you towards the bouquet

Fear of others getting in your way of getting the bouquet

I’ve attended many weddings and most brides are scared that they will throw their bouquet too far or that they are tired so they throw lightly and hope that someone will catch it. Usually, someone has to step (or run) forward to catch the bouquet or no one catches it. At my wedding, I decided to try throwing it further not worrying about it.

You know what?

The group of girls moved back watching the bouquet and only one caught it. So brides, no need to worry that no one will catch your bouquet if you threw it a little harder. It’s better than having to throw it again and you can continue on with your program.

Here are some of tips I used at my wedding for bouquet throwing:

  1. Have a bouquet ready for throwing (We were so caught up with other details that we almost forgot to have a bouquet to throw)
  2. Smile from before you throw until after (The camera person or videographer will be recording it so you want to look happy throughout it)
  3. Swing (Use your arms to throw your bouquet. Instead of swinging a bat sideways, you are swinging your bouquet upwards)
  4. Use strength to throw (Not too little because you want someone to catch it)
  5. Celebrate (Someone caught it. You did well!)

It’s so much fun.

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