4 Advice I received while planning my wedding + BONUS Checklist

As you might or might not know, I got married. Engaged and married all within the same year.

What I realized is that planning a wedding isn’t hard when you know what to do.


Isn’t it such an exciting time to plan a wedding?

January is the best time. WHY? Many Wedding shows in January [some are free for brides], friends (Facebook or not) who got engaged over or before the holidays [who you can share your joys with], you did some shopping over the holidays to see what you might need for your wedding or future home together, and it’s the beginning of the year [looking forward to a great year]!

Here is what I’m going to cover in this blog post:

4 Golden Advice I have received during my wedding planning that actually help.

  1. It’s your wedding
  2. Use and take what only applies to you
  3. DIY or Pay for it.
  4. Is this worth the budget?

Bonus: Download my Wedding Checklist for Ceremony Decór

First, it is your wedding and your opinion (and your significant’s) matters before anyone else. What do you want for your wedding? What is important and what is not? Remember that at the end of the day, it is your wedding and only you two know what is best for you.

However, know that everyone will want a say on how they envision it. If you stand strongly against an idea, politely decline or say that you will think about it. Discuss it with who matters, whether significant other or wedding planner, then decide whether to do it or to discard it.

Also, are you having a big wedding or a small wedding? Where are you having your wedding (location, season, indoors or outdoors)? Do you have a preference with these details?

At the end, it is all about you and your husband / wife…

Secondly, use and take what only applies to you. Similarly to the first, it is your decision. The difference here is in regards to tradition. What are the mandatory cultural traditions that your parents want you to follow? Ask them or other family members, especially since different families have different expectations (more if you are from different cultures or races).

This is a process – the negotiation, the giving and taking. Know what matters and use it.

This also applies to Pinterest. I’ve noticed how women adding pins to their future wedding boards and some of these ideas are stunning. BUT you don’t need to create the most Pin-worthy wedding. Just a wedding that is SO you.

Let your wedding reflect your style, your personality, and who you are.

Third, To DIY or to PAY? Some of you are so creative or have creative friends. Look at what you need to do and decide whether it is worth to do it yourself or to pay for others to do for you. Let me share my experience:

Here is what we made/DIY/designed/printed:

  • Printed/Assembled/Glued/Taped/Cut Invitation and Pockets, and Envelopes
  • Flowers (Bouquets, Boutonnieres, Centerpieces)

Wedding Bouquet

  • Designed Heart-Shaped Guest Sign In Poster (inspired by Etsy)
  • Designed/Cut/Fold Food Tag Signs
  • Ceremony Decoration
  • More

Did everything turn out the way we wanted? Yes, but it took a lot of planning and research before we jumped into it. It helps to be organized! Don’t forget to download my wedding checklist for ceremony decór later in the post.

So, decide what is worth making yourself and what is worth the effort and money to pay. There were some projects my husband offered to pay, but you know me, I just love to make crafts and I was determined to make them.

Ask yourself: Is this worth my time and effort?

Finally, budget. Is it worth it? Can you pay for it without going into debt? If you say yes to both, then go ahead and get it. The wedding industry says that your wedding is once in a lifetime and it’s true. You want to be with this other person for the rest of your life. When it comes to budget, choose what you rather spend on in comparison to others. Do you want flowers everywhere or do you want a calligrapher for all your stationery needs? (I know someone if you need, let me know). Again, this is your wedding, choose what is important to YOU.

BONUS: Download my Wedding Checklist for Ceremony Decór

Did you enjoy this post? If so, share it with your family and friends. Also, I might be creating another checklist for the reception decoration based on the feedback of this checklist. Let me know how I can be of help to you!

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Creating Beautiful Memories,

Pretty N Easy

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