Valentine’s Day Decor

Does any of the following apply to you?

You are in charged of decorating the party for Valentine’s Day

You want to decorate your space to fit the Love Theme

You want to surprise your friends with being super organized with the decoration

You want to surprise your significant other by decorating the place (in addition to wine and food of course)

I’m here to help!

There are two ways to decorate for Valentine’s Day:



Simple Red Flowers as a Centerpiece or Roses


Let’s start with the minimum, simple idea:

Have a simple Red flowers Centerpiece. Get a glass vase, fill it with flowers or you can check out the following video for something simple yet elegant. This centerpiece will stand out but not overwhelming.

You can also buy roses and put them in a vase. Click here to buy my handmade roses.



Next, with a more elaborate idea. Here are some decoration ideas you can include:

Balloons (Heart shape, Red, Ones that say Valentine’s Day)

Red Pom Poms (different sizes – You can make them yourselves or buy them)

A rose for each one of your guest (beside their name card or plate)

Simple but multiple flower centerpieces on different tables

Dessert table decoration (For example, white table cloth with red petals sprinkled around the dessert)


You can decide based on your vision and time. Go simple but elegant or Go All Out with a plan and purpose.

If you haven’t check out my previous post on the advice I received during my wedding planning + BONUS Checklist, click here.

Creating Beautiful Memories,

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