There is no age limit to creativity + 2 Tips

There is no age limit to creativity + 2 TipsPaper CarnationsThese paper carnations were made by girls and a boy between ages 7-12 in less than an hour at a birthday party. Beautiful, isn’t it?

YOU have the creativity within you

Sometimes, what you need is resources, a little inspiration, and some instructions.

Paper CarnationsI love what the children came up with! Each flower is so unique because they get to choose their own colours and have their personal touch.

Two ways to create beautiful flowers:

Number one: Find a picture of flowers that you like. See what types of flowers they have. Create them, buy them, or get someone to help you with it.

Number two: Make different coloured flowers that you like and in the colours that you like. Then, figure out how you can place them together. Tip: Greens and fillers are your best friends. You can always buy flowers separately and put them together.

Or you can just buy a pre-arranged flower bouquet at a store. But that’s not fun…

Do what makes you happy.

If you are interested in having a craft class or a birthday party class in the Greater Toronto Area, please email me at I would love to organize something with you and we can make beautiful memories with our handmade flowers.


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