Rose Pomander Balls


Rose Pomander Balls

This is what you need for this purple flower ball. 5 white wedding aisle runner flowers, 6 dark purple wedding aisle runner flowers, 16 lavender wedding aisle runner flowers, a styrofoam ball about 6 inches big or bigger, and clothing pins. First, poke the pins through each flower. You need 27 pins because there are 27 flowers.

Next, poke 3 lavender flowers into the styrofoam ball. Then, add a white flower followed by 2 dark purple flowers. Use your own creativity to insert the flowers.

You want to make sure that there is no space in between the flowers so try to put them closely together.

The pattern I have been using is 2 or 3 lavender followed by a white flower and 2 dark purple flowers. If there is not enough, just add more lavender flowers.

Try to make sure that the flowers even out and fit your vision. If not, you can always pull them out and switch spots with another colour.

Putting on the finishing touches.

Now you’re done. Put it on a vase or tie a ribbon and hang it. It looks perfect for a white and purple themed wedding.


Video Version:

So what do you think about these ideas? If you have any comments or questions, please leave them in the comments below. Thank you.

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