Rose Centerpiece Arrangements

Rose Centerpiece Arrangements

This is what you need: 2 pink roses, 2 lavender roses, 4 white roses, regular glue, rose leaves, 8 sepals, and a vase. Optional: Baby Breath and an additional vase. For the vase, you can leave it clear or stuff it with paper grass or green strip of paper.


Glue the sepal on the roses with regular glue.


Now add the leaves. You can decide to add two or three leaves to each flower.


1st combination: Two vases. One has one rose per colour, and the other has the rest of the roses


2nd combination: Two vases. They both contain only two colours. One white and pink, the other white and lavender.


3rd combination: Four roses in both vases. One has all three colours with the pink dominating. The other has only two colours.


4th combination: Mixed roses in a vase, spread out certain colours (pink and lavender). The other vase has only a white rose. _________________________________________________________

5th combination: 1 vase with all the roses. Please be sure to show the leaves so that it will show a nice mixture with the rose colours and the greens.


Here is how it will look like if you choose to add the baby breath to the rose bouquet.


Video Version:

Have a craft party! Please let us know what you think in the comments below. We look forward to reading them.

Enjoy creating beautiful memories!


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