Hydrangeas Centerpiece Idea

Hydrangeas Centerpiece Idea

This is what you need. Three Hydrangeas (Choose what colors you want), multiple green strips of tissue paper, a vase, and a few baby breath with stems. Here I have two 6″ light pink napkin hydrangeas and one 5″ vanilla napkin hydrangea. To learn how to make these hydrangeas, check out our floral kits!

First, insert some of the green strips of tissue paper.

Next, put one of the hydrangeas into the vase. You want to try to put it in between the green strips of paper and not push them down.

After that, insert more green strips of paper but not all of them.

Put the next hydrangea in without pushing the green strips of paper down.

Add the rest of the green strips of paper into the vase.

Now add the third hydrangea into the vase.

Insert the baby breath. First in between the hydrangeas and then around it.

Here is how your final product should look like.

Video Version:


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