How to wrap a pot: Wrapping Paper

How to wrap a pot:

Place the pot you are going to use in the middle of the wrapping paper. The amount of wrapping paper you need is based on the height of the pot plus another 6 to 10 inches. You also need hot glue and fake grass. First, put hot glue on the bottom of the pot and place it back in the center of the wrapping paper.

Next, put hot glue on the side of the pot.

Take two sides of the wrapping paper and bring them close together. Press the bottom part of the paper close to the pot making it stick.

Take the other two corners and perform the same step.

Put hot glue all on top of the fake grass or styrofoam.

Now, squeeze the wrapping paper slightly above the pot together so that it will stick to the hot glue on the fake grass or styrofoam.

This is what it will look like when you have finished. You can decide what color wrapping paper you like.


Video Version:

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