9 Lessons from ONE bridal show

The Person who caught my bouquet is now engaged! Can you believe it? It’s kinda crazy but I am so happy for them!

It just happened this past week..I had to share it with you, my readers. I wasn’t there for it but I am beyond excited for them to start this new journey together.


I want to continue talking about weddings and wedding planning because you guys really liked the first post on this series. If you haven’t check it out, click here. Now onto why you are here:

How to survive a bridal show

True story: I have only been to one bridal show (and it was a small one). Maybe it’s because I got engaged after the annual big wedding shows were over and decided to get married within the same year.

Here is what I learned from that show (will explain later in the post):

  1. Bring two (grocery but nicer looking) bags
  2. Set up an email account for just wedding purposes (or a joint email account)
  3. Decide whose phone number you are going to give to vendors
  4. Go in knowing what you are looking for
  5. Be ready to surprise yourself
  6. If you are buying dresses at the wedding show, go earlier for better stock.
  7. The fashion show was entertaining, but again, your vision is what is important
  8. Revisit the pile of brochures and flyers you received with your fiance
  9. Decide if you want to go to another bridal show
Let's dive into this!

Let’s dive into this!

First, bring two bags to the show. One for Interested Pile. Another for Thanks but No Pile. It makes life so much easier to see and remember who you like and who you did not connect with.

Seriously, my friend brought two and I brought one. Guess who was trying to remember the vendors?

Second, set up an email for wedding purposes or just have a joint account. This is so that both your fiance and you are clear with the communication with the vendors and family members (if necessary).

We did that so we were ready when they asked us for our email. It is also easier to categorize emails and also delete bulk (spam) emails later on.

Third, giving phone numbers can be a pain. This applies to entering into contests and sometimes, vendor’s request. You need to decide on one. They don’t need to call both.

If you can make the decision regarding the registry, give your number. If it’s something your fiance is passionate about, then give his/her number. I got one call.

Vendor Call

Fourth, go in knowing what you want. Easy, isn’t it? If you go in with a checklist of the types of vendors you need to speak to such as photographer, catering, venue, limo services, event planning, and stationery, it will be okay except that you want to talk to everyone.


You need to assess this vendor before you talk to them.

  1. How does this person set up their booth?
  2. Does the pictures / food / information at the table attract you?
  3. Is that what you picture for your wedding?

Don’t just talk to every vendor belonging to the category because you will get confused and you need to decide what is best for you and YOUR wedding.

Fifth, at the same time, be open to the ideas around you. If you don’t know what you want, observe how other weddings are presented through different vendors.

Maybe you could have a band or a panda (look at the picture below). Know what are your must haves and what you will be open to.


Sixth, buying a wedding dress at the show. My friend and I tried to look at dresses but they are too big for us. The owner was very nice though.

It’s definitely a different experience than trying it at a store. You can take your time and it’s all about you at the store compared to the rush at a wedding show. That doesn’t mean that you can’t find your dream dress there!

Seventh, we watched the fashion show that happened while we were there. It was fun and you get to see different ideas of how to dress for men and women, boys and girls. Also, you get to win some prizes if you participated.

Full of inspiration and imagination. But at the end of the day, you stick to YOUR vision. You do You.

Fiance discussion

Eighth, look at the Interested Pile bag and discuss with your fiance if you were going to book one of these vendors. Usually they give you a timeline on the discounts, so take the time to talk through it.

It is a big decision, and know that if it makes you and your fiance and your budget happy, it’s worth it. Or you can compromise on spending more for your priorities and less for the non-priorities.

Finally, decide whether you want to go to another bridal show to compare the rates and the experience you received talking to the vendors. If you say yes, then DO IT. If you are happy with going back to online research, that is cool too!

On a side note,I just wanted to share one more picture from my wedding. Sorry, not sorry.

Malaysian Dress

South Asian Dress

This was my something old. A dress I wore from my culture during some celebration SIX years ago. It still fit even though I gained weight since then. YAY!

Could you tell that I was so happy?

I had to decide whether to wear this or the Chinese Qi Pao because time flies and it can be hard to keep track of all the dress changes.Since I wore the Chinese dress at the tea ceremony, I thought this dress would be something different (not the typical one or two piece, it has 3 pieces for a complete look).

Great planning helps and sometimes a quick decision will make you so happy (like this dress).

Creating Beautiful Memories,

Pretty N Easy

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