DIY Wedding Flowers: Purple Rose Bouquet

DIY Wedding Flowers
 DIY Wedding Flowers


To make this purple bouquet, you need 6 dark purple roses, 5 lavender roses, and 5 mixed lavender and white roses. If you want to learn how to make these roses, please check out our floral kits! You also need an elastic band, packing or floral tape, green strips of tissue paper, 2 feet ribbon, 16 stems of galvanized wire (12″ each), regular glue, scissors, hot glue, rose leaves, and some creativity!

First, wrap your stems with some of the green strips of paper. Make your roses. For the mixed roses, you can ensure the number of lavender and white petals are equal. Then, you want to put your bouquet together. Take the roses one by one and put them together. You can decide if you want the dark purple roses to be spread out or put two together at random spots. Next, tie up the bouquet with the elastic band once you are happy with how it looks.

Wrap the bottom of the stem with packing tape from under the elastic band to the bottom of the stems.

Put regular glue on the green strips of paper and wrap it around the packing tape.

This is how it will look like while wrapping the stem with the green tissue paper. Once you are done, cut the elastic band off.

Next, put regular glue on the tip of the rose leaves and press the leaves against the bottom of the roses. You need about 10 to 15 rose leaves. Feel free to add some leaves in between the roses.

Once the green tissue paper is dry, add your ribbon. Put hot glue on the tip of the ribbon and press it against the stem.

Wrap it around the stem in a spiral movement. Once you reach the end, put hot glue and secure it by wrapping the remainder of the ribbon against the stem.

This is how it will look like when you are done.

Note: Add Baby Breath in between the roses and secure them with hot glue. It will make it look more glamorous.

Video Version:

So what do you think about this bouquet? If you have any comments or questions, please leave them in the comments below. Thank you.

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