DIY Poinsettia Centerpiece


DIY Poinsettia Centerpiece


This is what you need: 10 Poinsettia flowers without beads, 10 Stems (10 to 12 inches), 30 beads, 20 to 30 regular leaves (we cut slightly bigger than the template), hot glue gun and glue stick, regular white glue, pot, floral form, and fake grass (ruffled paper). First, hot glue the floral foam into the pot. Next, hot glue the top of the foam and place the fake grass on it. Third, insert the stem into the floral foam. Make sure you spread them out so that the flowers will not interfere with each other later on.


First, you need to put hot glue on the tip of a stem.

Next, you insert one of the flowers and squeeze the bottom tightly. Leave 1/2 inch space of stem above the Poinsettia for the beads to stick to the stem.


Put hot glue on the tip of the stem and press the beads against the stem. Hold for 5 seconds to secure them. Do the same for all 10 Poinsettias.

This is how it will look like after you glued all Poinsettias and their beads. Now take the regular leaves and put regular glue at the bottom of it.

First, you want to work on the flowers in the center. Press the leaves against the stem and hold it for 2 seconds. It will hold nicely. You want to put the leaves on opposite ends of each flower. You can glue more than 2 leaves per flower. Please make sure to glue all the leaves. The more leaves you add, the better it looks.

This is what the Poinsettia pot will look like at the end.

Here is a video to recap:

by Pretty N Easy

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