DIY Mason Jars

Who has over 30 mason jars just lying around the house? Um, me.

Why, might you ask? Well, here is a story. My sister loves noodles and insisted that we have spaghetti. Every. Single. Thursday. Therefore, we have mason jars from these spaghetti sauces. I think I’ve tried almost every flavor out there – Three Cheeses, Portobello? Mushroom, Tomato Sauce with Different Spices. I don’t really know the names of all the flavors of spaghetti sauces out there. Oops, Sorry.

Anyway, I decided to wash the insides of the jars and keep them in case I need to store things (for craft, like beads). At the end of the day, I just left them in the basement…EMPTY. Yes, I had plans but oh well. Now I can use them as my wedding centerpieces mason jars (inspired by Pinterest, of course)! YAY!

The plan is to remove labels and hopefully spray paint them to fit whatever color I choose to be for my wedding colors. This is going to be so exciting! Can you tell that I’m just thinking about wedding planning? Actually, some of my friends are more excited than I am! You know who you are :)! Anyway, so I did some research on how to remove these labels and figured how to do it. So join in the fun!


Number of Jars (that I ‘DIYed’): 28

Duration: Half a day

What I used: Mason Jars, Warm Water, Soap, Scrub, Basin


Step 1: Fill Kitchen Basin with Warm Water and Soap (I just use the regular dishwasher soap – it works fine). Why I use the kitchen basin is because I need to remove the labels off at least 10 to 15 mason jars. If you are removing labels off one or two, I read one good suggestion is to use a container that is slightly bigger than the mason jar(s) and fill it up with warm water and soap.

Step 2: Oh wait! Find Mason Jars around the house (Glass Jars from Spaghetti Sauces, Honey, Other Mason Jars)

Step 3: Put the Mason or Glass Jars into the basin and soak them for a while (I soaked them for at least one hour while being distracted focusing on other tasks). Depending on the size of your basin, try to leave space in between the mason jars if possible. I can put 6 or 7 mason jars in the basin lying down at a time.

Step 4: After a while, I remove the labels off the jars. Most of the time, you might need to scrub the leftovers with a dishwasher scrub or another brush you have designated(?) for crafts such as this. Make sure to rinse the inside and outside of the mason jars when you’re done.

Step 5: Dry it.

Step 6: Repeat Steps 1 to 5 until you are done with all your mason and/or glass jars.


Before Mason Jars



After Mason Jars

Now you are basically done, unless you want to spray paint it. I’m going to cover that in another post maybe closer to the summer when I’m going to spray paint them. What color do you think they’ll look good in?


Love you all!

Creating Beautiful Memories,


by Pretty N Easy

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