DIY Flower Bracelets

DIY Flower Bracelets


Here is what you need: a stretchy bracelet and a two inches napkin flower. (You can learn using our floral kits.) Also, you need hot glue.

This is what you need: one 2″ regular flower with the colour of your choice. 2 rose leaves, stretchy bracelet, hot glue, and regular glue.

Here you need 5 (2″) regular flowers and a structured bracelet. Also, you need hot glue.

Put Hot glue on one of the beads (does not have to be circular).

First, you want to put regular glue on one of the leaves in the center.

Put hot glue on the center of the back of the flower.

Press the bracelet against the center of the flower’s back.

Now take the other leave and place it on horizontally against it.

Press the flower against the bracelet.

Now, you’re done!

Place a little hot glue on the top horizontal leaf.

Once you glue all five of them, it should look like this.

Press the flower against the leaves. Be careful of the hot glue.

Now pick a bead and place hot glue on it.

Now press the flower and leaves against the bead. Once again, be careful with the hot glue.

Now you are done 🙂


Video Version:

So What do you think of this flower bracelets? Please let us know in the comments below.

Enjoy Creating Beautiful Memories


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