Bridesmaid Bouquets Diy: Purple Flowers

Bridesmaid Bouquets Diy


This is what you need: 2 lavender 3″ regular flowers, 2 dark purple 3″ regular flowers, 2 white 3″ regular flowers, and 2 mixed lavender and white 3″ regular flowers. You also need packing tape, an elastic band, a 1.5 to 2 feet of green strip of tissue paper, 1.5 feet purple ribbon, and 20 rose leaves. Also, you need hot glue and regular glue. You can learn how to make these regular flowers with our floral kits. The stems we used was 12 inches 19 GA Galvanized wires.

First, arrange the flowers the way you want them to look like. Try to make sure that they look round or circular. Then, tie a rubber band or elastic band in the middle of the stem. Next, use the packing tape and tape the stem beneath the elastic band all the way to the bottom of the stem.

Now take the long green strip of tissue paper and put regular glue across it. Now wrap the tissue paper around the packing tape. You can decide how thick you want your stem to be by the amount of green tissue paper wrapped around the stem.

Cut the rubber or elastic band. Now put hot glue at the trip of the ribbon and wrap the ribbon around the stem in a spiral movement.

Now glue the rose leaves surrounding the bouquet. Feel free to glue the leaves in between the flowers. The more leaves you add, the better the bouquet looks.

This is how it will start to look like when you glue your leaves around the bouquet. Feel free to add baby breath in between the flowers to give it an interesting look.

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