Bridal Shower Flower Centerpieces

Such sweet friend to throw her best friend a bridal shower.

No, it’s not for me. A girl came to me telling me that she wanted to throw a bridal shower for her friend who is getting married. She wanted flowers as centerpiece for the food table. I could not be more excited to work with her on this! All sorts of questions went through my mind. I was definitely thinking of what would the bride like, so I asked her  questions such as “What are the bride’s favorite colors?” and “What type of flowers would be preferred?”. The answers helped me envisioned what type of centerpiece I should create.

So, I got to work once I figured out that the colors I would be working with are light pink, purple, and gold. Here is the end result:

Pink Purple Centerpiece

Here are some tips and lessons I have learned making this particular centerpiece:

1. Always add leaves because it makes such as difference in terms of looking fuller and complete. (You don’t really want to see the picture without – I would not show it! Hahaha)

2. Purple Regular Flowers are great. However, if you mix two types of purple together, it makes the flower stand out from the other one colored flowers. It is really up to you how many layers of each color you want to use.

3. When the bride likes gold (color), you don’t necessarily have to use gold flowers. You could wrap the vase or pot with gold paper or wrapping paper.

4. Do not forget the filler flowers – whether it is baby breath or small white flowers like in the picture. They are crucial as a final touch to your centerpiece.

5. Take time and love to make the centerpiece. Each flower, leaf, and flower filler places an important role in the final product.

That’s not all…Flower bracelets for all the guests!

Isn’t she a sweet person? She wanted to give everyone flower bracelets as well, not only to surprise the bride.

So an idea was to take the colors of the flowers of the centerpiece and make flower bracelets. Ta da!

Pink Purple Bracelets

What do you all think? There is the mix purple regular flower bracelets and the pink regular flower bracelets. I found these bracelets which had white and crystal beads and thought that it was PERFECT for this occasion.

I had a blast making these as well as the centerpiece for her. She was thrilled!

Please continue…

Creating beautiful memories.




p.s. I am working on a wedding that will happen soon (not mine, once again)! I am so excited to tell you about it. It involves travelling! (Maybe a little too excited)!


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