Aisle Runner Personalized: Purple Pomanders

Aisle Runner Personalized


This is what you need for this project: three 4″ napkin pom pom (colour/colors is up to you). You also need hot glue, and 2 pieces of ribbon (one is 2 feet, and the other one foot).

Put hot glue on one end of the 2 feet ribbon.

Now put it in the center of one of the pom poms and press it closely together. It should be secured after holding for a few seconds.

Now do the same for another pom pom with the other end of the long ribbon.

Put hot glue on one end of the 1 foot ribbon and perform the same step as above.

Put hot glue on the other end of the 1 foot ribbon.

Find the middle of the 2 feet ribbon and fold over an inch of the 1 foot ribbon at that spot to secure it.

This is how it should look like when you are done. Now you can hang them on chairs or a shepherd’s hook.


Video Version:

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