You’ve got the vision, but you just need a little help with making your floral dreams a reality.

You see all these gorgeous floral Pinterest ideas and you’re overwhelmed.

You just want to know the basics before you conquer the world with your creativity!

You need someone to help you DIY beautifully and with love.

That’s where Pretty n Easy comes in!

I’m Rubecca, your floral DIY friend, and my passion is to help people like you create beautiful memories with the flowers of your dreams. With experience making flowers for weddings to custom children floral kits, I love what I do and can’t wait to share new adventures with you!

What are these DIY floral kits?

Each Pretty n Easy floral kit comes with everything that you will need to make your project a success. As an educator, I believe that each person needs to be fully equipped so that they can use their imagination and creativity with confidence. For more information and ideas, check out my online shop here.

Fun Extras about me

If you want to know more about me (not flower related)…

profileI’m a newlywed and became a mom to a turtle named Totoro (Fun Fact: Totoro loves to sunbathe and always stretch whenever the sun shines on his tank). Spent six years in university getting my undergraduate and graduate degrees, I just enjoyed sharing knowledge and learning from others.

I love to play the piano once a while which is a source of inspiration for me. I love reading inspiring stories, yes even those that make you (ugly) cry. It makes me so excited for them, even though I might not actually know them.

I am so grateful for my family and for you, my friends.